Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Slowly Moving

Life has been very hectic and stressful lately. With moving and working doubles and school I feel like Colin and I, or even just me, haven't had anytime to just relax. Luckily we are complete moved in, it was only a two day move all thanks to my amazing boyfriend. I still haven't taken pictures of our awesome new place, only because there are still boxes piled up and I want it to look very nice for those who can't experience first hand on Saturday. Oh side note: House warming party on Saturday, feel free to come! It will start around 8:30, call for more details. Anyway, yesterday I woke up early in hopes of doing laundry but we still have no idea where our laundry room is on site. So instead I got ready for the day, laid on my living room floor listening to my ipod and watched the snow fall outside our vintage window. I also took some pictures. Just so people can get an idea of where we are now living.
It didn't last long because then I had to walk to school in the snow, which actually wasn't too bad. Now I have to go get ready for yet another double shift today. Ugh please let the day go by quickly.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'm Back!

My lappy top is finally back! Oh how I've missed your silky black keys and easy Windows XP maneuvering. I can actually right click things again! Now all my free time, that I'm not spending with Colin, will be transferred to playing L4D2 again and WoW. Besides having my laptop back I started school last week. I already enjoy most of my classes. I have a sewing class on Monday's that I have thoroughly enjoyed thus far. We basically have only learned a few stitches and how to thread our machines. Other than that I'm taking English, Retards Math, History (with a really cool teacher, he dressed up the second day of school), and Yoga (my other favourite class). I'm really looking forward to this semester, even though its going to be a work load. Seventeen credits and working two jobs, it's been hectic but so worth it. Luckily I've applied for some student loans that should help the financial situation and still trying to sell my car. Also the mass amounts of coffee I've been consuming have been helping. But on another note we are moving soon! Literally this weekend! To our one 1/2 bedroom, much larger, bay window, our own kitchen, you know all the stuff a apartment should have. So I must rush to work but I will post all about our new place soon enough!

-Stay classy San Diego, I'm Ron Burgendy?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Loosing Weight

So before I start this post, I just want everyone to know it IS a weight lost post! With having said that, I shall continue. When I moved back from California I wasn't in very good shape. I gained some weight over there, I was in a bad space mentally and just generally unhealthy. When I got back to Utah I started going to the gym with Ben and soon signed up for a Gold's Gym membership. We would do mostly cardio, usually in the cardio cinema room (we got to watch movies, the one that played most often was Legally Blonde, one of Ben's favourites). I dropped a few pounds but nothing too drastic. Fast forward to last summer. Now, I've been vegetarian for 5 years now but in July I decided to go Raw. Colin was leaving to China for a month so I figured it would be the perfect time to try this wonderful diet/lifestyle for my body. Basically I ate nothing cooked over 115 degrees. This included eating mostly veggies, fruits and soaked nuts. My mom was doing it with me so basically I just ate whatever she made us. I lost about 10 pounds in one month! This cleanse of eating just raw really jump started my body into loosing weight. Since then I still ate very healthy but went back to vegetarian. I went to the gym and did pilates at home, but also began a Strength & Toning class that did wonders! The cardio was on me but the muscle building was on my teacher. When I started the semester, August 31st, we had a fitness test. Basically it was how many push ups and sit-ups we could do in a minute along with how long we could do a wall test and then body fat % (which scared me the most). I started out Push ups: 35, Sit-Ups: 96, Wall Test: 1:10, Body Fat: 23 %. By the end of the semester, December 9th, I was up to Push ups: 50, Sit-Ups: 105, Wall Test: 2:15, and Body Fat: lowered to 16%. I was so proud of myself! While I still have a ways to go to reach where I want to be I just have to say how amazed I am with myself. In 6 months I've literally dropped 35 pounds. I feel like I'm finally fitting into my body. So after all this ranting, this is an introduction into me posting more workout videos, cleanses, and other healthy stuff I happen to find. Starting with this awesome cardio workout I just found. I was seriously huffing and puffing after the 3rd set. Try this one out for size! (Find in pervious post)

Home Cardio Workout -- Better Than P90X

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A-Z of Things That Made This Year Bearable

A is for Apples: I believe I ate more of these this year than any other fruit. It was my staple snack for work and my backpack.
B is for Blogging: I don't believe I would have stayed in touch with so many friends if it wasn't for their blogs updating me on their lives. Also I love blogging, its like an online journal for me and Colin to look back on!
C is for Colin: of course. Without him this year wouldn't have been the same.
D is for Daniel Radcliffe: Is it wrong that I have a celebrity crush on him? But I mean come on he is Harry Potter.
E is for Exercise: I feel like this one has helped me all year. Not only has the exercise helped me loose weight, it makes me feel energized and happy. Previously I do pilates, run and had a weight training class. Come 2011 I will be taking a yoga class...I cannot wait.
F is for Friends & Family: Every year they seem to grow and I love them more and more.
G is for Gossip Girl: Seasons 3 & 4, I love this show. It's always awesome and dramatic and full of wonderful clothes.
H is for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: The first movie in the final installment and movie phenomenon that is Harry Potter.

I is for Indecisive: Usually I'm really bad at making decisions but I feel like this year I've made some good ones...Going back to school, moving in with Colin, those kinda things I'd usually be on the fence about.
J is for Jeggings: Definition - A combination of jeans and leggings. I love them.
K is for Keira Knightly: She's gorgeous, she was in 4 movies this year including Never Let Me Go, which I need to see.
L is for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword: All Zelda games are awesome, especially on the wii. Also Link is hot. Although it isn't released until 2011, the anticipation is enough for 2010.
M is for Muscles: Don't worry, I've got the
m, and more to come in 2011, hello six pack!
N is for NHL: I love hockey, it runs in the family. Every season is awesome. This year, the Stanley Cup went to the Chicago Blackhawks! Woot.
O is for Outdoors: I've gotten to go camping and hiking and just generally be outdoors so much this year. Thanks is owed to the bf, but we always have a lot of fun outside in the fresh air. And this year we are going snow shoeing, down to Moab and Yellowstone!
P is for Plumbing: Our plumping is horrible at our apartment. It has made us grateful for good plumbing. We can only hope that our new place has better plumbing than our old.
Q is for Quiet: Yup. Always needed at certain times.
R is for Reading: Every year I find more and more amazing books to read. This year I even got some great ones for Christmas. 2011 will be followed by a new year of, hopefully, even more reading than before.
S is for Shopping: Luckily this year I've had the extra time to go shopping for clothes and now, with the apartment, I've been able t broaden my shopping horizons to housewears and furniture. This year will take a turn for the better.

T is for Tumblr: one of those social networks I became obsessed with this year. It also helped relieve time at work.
U is for Unicorns: They make any year awesome and magical.
V is for Vacations: Although the only vacations I took last year was to California and camping. 2011 will be full of some much needed vacations, some already planned.
W is for Writing: I love to write, mostly fiction books. I've started a few very good ones. I hope in 2011 I can focus on a few and actually finish one!
X is for Hugs: I love hugs...Every year they are great...XOXO
Y is for Yoga: I didn't get to go to yoga classes nearly has much as I wanted. But 2010 made me realize how much I want yoga in my life.
Z is for Zoey Deschanel: I really couldn't come up with a Z. But she is gorgeous!

-I got this idea off Feel free to make your own list A-Z of Things That Made This Year Bearable