Monday, August 23, 2010

Musings For Last Week & The Week To Come

Last week I spent my time working and working out. Literally, that was all I did since Colin was out of town. Also occasionally bought these...
Latte's from Coffee Noir. Made pretty by their dreadlocks employee.

Well that was a quick recap of my week. Next, this coming week. Tomorrow are two releases that I have no money to buy, and I am heart broken. First is the new book Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. If you've been following my book blog(For A Rainy Day) at all you'll know all about it, if not well its the final book in The Hunger Game series and there is a release party at Barnes & Nobles I hope to attend. Also tomorrow, Gossip Girl season 3 comes out on dvd. I was so hopeful to be able to buy since I wasn't able to watch all the episodes (Becky would say I'm not a true G.G. fan, but I am! I am!). And I can't just start season 4 without knowing what went on! And I can't not watch the season premiere, and I can't watch the season premiere without seeing season 3! It's a massive delima. I just want to watch these people on screen...
and these people in love...
Damnit Chuck, why did you make out with Jenny and get shot? And lastly school starts this week and I'm already freaking out. My financial aid is all messed up(I still haven't sent in my finished paper work, and now they have me down as a non-resident student), I need to buy my Englih book before Wednesday and I already have assignments due. Ugh, now all I want to do is go home, snuggle with the Muggernaut, do pilates and eat dinner with my dear sweet Colin. But I can't because now I'm stuck working 10 hour days at work. Man, could this week be any more stressful?!

P.S. That was a rhetorical question.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sick Of Being Sick

I feel like all I've done this week is be sick. Been in and out of the bathroom, only able to drink tea. The only times I feel good is if I'm at the gym or cuddled next to Colin. And with him being out of town this doesn't really help. So Mugwomp is the only substitute. Please tummy don't hurt when I eat! Me hungee!!! So I've been able to sip on the mint tea Colin so kindly bought me, and watch Harry Potter. Which really isn't too bad, I love them Harry Potter movies.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rainy Season

I love the rainy season. You can play out in the rain with a cute umbrella, rain boots and trench or stay inside and curl up in a quilt with your favourite book or write a letter to someone and listen to the rain. I can't wait for it to start raining, school to begin and the leaves to fall. Burberry Script Umbrella, Sage Correspondence Set-Anthropologie $18, Rain Boots, Pleat Shoulder Mac-ASOS $110, Jones Patchwork Quilt-U.O. $128, Antigua Sunglasses-Anthropologie $24, Dog Tro Cardigan-Anthropoloie $128, One-Lump-Or-Two Lamp-Anthropologie $198, Burberry Umbrella, Roberts Revival Radio-Anthropologie $328, Vintage Book

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Le Laundry Mat

Yesterday I had my first experience of a laundry mat, it was actually very eventful to say the least.
It all began when my mom picked me up from my house. Laundry bags were full of mine and Colin's clothes, I had my bag full of quarters and multiple books to read while I waited. She drove me to a quaint little laundry mat on 17th and 13th. I ventured in and found three perfect washers, I separated my darks and lights and jeans, followed the detailed instructions on the washers, put in my detergent, normal wash: warm, lids closed, put the exact $1.75 into the slots and pushed in all three coins in at the same time. I heard the low rumble of the washers and new everything was going good. I sat down and began reading. My mom soon called and asked if i wanted anything to eat. I told her a veggie wrap from Au Natural. Three chapters into my book my mom came back with a $8 veggie wrap (I was hesitant to pay $8 for it) and some sweet potato fries. I strictly asked for no olives and when I bit in what did I get? Olives, large black juicy gross olives. I barley got through the first half of the wrap before switching to the fries which were soggy! I was very disappointing with my $12 meal. After wrapping up the rest of my sandwich I noticed a lady trying to dry some sleeping bags and the dryers weren't working. All the washers and dryers had stopped and wouldn't start. Finally the owner waltzed in and we found out the power had gone out. And what a miracle it suddenly came on and everything began working again. My mom came back with her Raw food, and I told her my food was gross. She offered to take it back for me, and only because it was that gross and I was that hungry I agreed. But when my mom came back with my card and receipt, she brought a new gift. Au Natural gave me a $15 gift card because they were so nice. After carefully transferring my laundry to a dryer I saw a cute little black and white cat stroll by the laundry mat window. Of course I had to go out and pet it. It was so friendly and cute. A black and white tuxedo cat with the most beautiful olive green eyes. As I was petting and admiring the cat a boy walked by and asked "Hey, did you just find that cat?" I replied with "Yes, it was just walking by." He then went on to say "I just saw a Lost sign for a cat exactly like that! And theres a reward." Naturally I just cared about the cat going back home so my mom drove down a couple blocks to find the sign while me and the boy pet the adorable cat. She came back with the sign only to find out the cat in the picture was almost exactly the same but much fatter. Its name was "Phats" and he had different colouring then the cat we had found. Sadly, it wasn't the lost cat so we let the one we had found go. Finally I finished all my laundry and put them in their bags and threw them in the back of my moms car. About 5 minutes after we left I remembered I had left my delicious raw nut ball my mom had got me from Oasis. So because my mom is so nice, she drove back so I could pick it up. I double check the washers and dryers to make sure I hadn't missed anything and low and behold! I had missed one black sock of mine, so it worked out well. Then, finally, my mom drove me back to my house were I finished folding all the laundry. I can only hope every trip to the laundry mat is this much fun.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Free Lunch, Time Crisis and Urban Outfitters.

On Monday, when I was feeling ill, I spent the day mostly in bed. But I did end up having to go to my Mom's to pick up some food from her dehydrator and bring some to Colin for lunch at work. So I met him at the Gateway and he ate some delicious food (your welcome) and while he was still on his break we went up to Tilt, the game arcade. We spent about $4 in quarters playing Time Crisis 3. Mostly because I kept dying. After that Colin had to go back to work so I went to Urban Outfitters. Trying not to spend too much money I found a few perfect things all for under $50. Then I sat in Barnes & Noble and read some Breakfast at Tiffany's, its such a short read yet I can't seem to finish it. I grabbed a iced chai and headed to Lucky Jeans to see Colin before I left. I tried on some cute clothes that I hope to buy once I have extra money! Over all it was a nice relaxing Monday, and I started to feel better later that night when Colin and I played a campaign of Left 4 Dead.
BDG Cardigan $38Nail Polish 2/$8 (grey & baby blue)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Its A...

Its a cat, and it's cute, and I keep just starring and its catty cuteness at work.

p.s. it also remind me of mugwomp a bit