Thursday, February 11, 2010


Me and my now boyfriend, Colin, went down to Moab, Utah a couple weekends ago. The drive only took about four hours which isn't too bad considering we hit freezing fog about an hour outside town. We got into town and stopped off at a restaurant and got some dinner and a couple of beers. Then we went to our campsite to set up for the night, which was completely covered in snow! It was so foggy and cold we could barley see across the Colorado River we were right by. The first night I seriously froze my ass off, we woke up late went and got lunch at a cute place called The Love Muffin, then headed up to start hiking to the Delicate Arch. It was such a nice hike, the sun finally came out and we had to shed layers as we went because it was getting so warm. When we got to the top the view was spectacular, the arch was beautiful and we met some cool people up there, and also made some crow friends. We had a nice quiet dinner around the campfire, some delicious tofu dogs, chips and beer. The next morning, after a much warmer nights sleep, we made breakfast, packed everything up and did our last hike up to the Landscape Arch. Before we headed up we stopped by a fossil and rock shop I noticed. It was full of actual fossils and awesome ores. We got to listen to an employeer boast and tell us stories about the awesome owner of the store. When we finally got to the trail head of the Landscape Arch the path was snow covered which made it fun because people left messages and even a snow cat along the trail. We finally headed home around 3:00 pm and had a fun talking and laughing on the car ride home. Over all it was an amazing trip and I hope to make it back sometime when its actually warm!