Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tek 6

Weekdays have never been so much fun. With actual needed purchases at Target, including my nephew Maximus's 1st birthday gift, came the Tek 6. For $9 we got reloadable 6 shooter Nerf guns. Fully equip with extra ammo and a bulls-eye for practice. I don't know how many times Colin has wanted to buy these but now we both turn corners and open doors more carefully around our house. Besides spending our extra time running around and shooting each other, these guns are actually making my aim better and reflexes quicker. Don't worry we each got one so our battles wouldn't be one sided. I chose the blue.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jade Castrinos

I'm falling in love with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes. Mostly the beautiful Jade Castrinos. Her smile, velvety voice and hippie essence, it's as if she hopped out of a time capsule. She's absolutely mesmerizing.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Sifteo Cubes

Through this new magical website Colin showed me called fastcodesigns.com, I've discovered a new toy that I truly want. It's made especially for an older(ish) adult audience. It's nothing but having fun with blocks like you were when you were a kid, except we get awesome computer ones instead of wood. Sifteo Cubes are also kind of adorable. To view the full article click HERE, also watch the video on how they work! The penguin game looks the best, Run Booker The Penguin! Run!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Happiest Place On Earth

At 22 years old I finally went to Disneyland. And yes, it was just as magical and I was just as excited, if not more so, than I would have been at age 7. For my Spring Break, Lindsay, Karlee and I decided to go to California and in turn make a trip to Disneyland. We carefully planned out our 5 day trip to Costa Mesa, California and our stops at the beach and Disneyland. With our 3 day hopper passer tickets purchased and hotel room booked, we made our 10 hour journey to the coast. It was a long ass ride, and it sucked.

Day 1: We got to go to the Happiest Place on Earth! (aka Disneyland). I was seriously so happy just to see the parking lot and ride the Toy Story bus to the park entrance. As I smiled and pointed at everything, we made our way to the ribbon before the park opened. I grabbed a coffee and we ran to Indiana Jones ride. Epic. Best first ride ever! After that we ran to almost every ride in Disneyland. The lines were so short I didn't have to wait longer than 20 min. I also got to meet Alice and the Mad Hatter, which I was really looking forward to. And the White Rabbit and Queen of Hearts and Mickey Mouse were on our way out. It was a perfect first day at Disneyland. Then we went to the beach at Balboa and enjoyed the California sun.
Waiting on the Toy Story bus
On The Teacups
Day 2: We spent the morning at our hotel pool and the afternoon at California Adventures. It was so awesome! I liked Tower of Terror the best! And we wandered around until dark and went to Disneyland for the firework show! I got to see Tinkerbell fly over the castle and the magical fireworks and music of Disney.
Day 3: Magic Morning, we got to Disneyland at 6:30 to go in early, take pictures and enjoy the semi empty park. We went on Indiana Jones first again and then went on every ride we could twice. After being there for 5 hours we decided to go to Ihop for some food. Then I went by the pool and read, enjoyed the sun, wondered to Target, Game Stop and a Japanese bookstore, before returning to the hotel. (we avoided the beach that day because of the high tides from the Tsunami in Japan)
Day 4: South Coast Plaza to do some shopping. H & M, Zara and Free People, all the great stores Utah is lacking. Afterward, we went to the beach one last time to watch the sun set. It was a good ending to our trip.
Favourite Rides:
-Alice in Wonderland & Teacups (of course)
-Haunted Mansion
-Indiana Jones
-Pirates of the Caribbean
-Space Mountain
-Peter Pan

California Adventures:
-Tower of Terror
-Soaring Over California
-California Screamer
-Aladdin Live on Stage

Favourite Moments:
-Seeing all the characters I loved
-Getting to fulfill my childhood in 3 days
-Laying in the warm sun and getting semi tan
-The food

Monday, March 7, 2011

Original Artwork

While browsing our many vintage and thrift stores down 300 south I came upon some $1.00 vintage postcards. I immediately had to have them and even drew out a design in my head of how I would display them. Fast-forward to Target and I found the ideal frame for my four perfect postcards. I absolutely love it and still need to find the perfect place to display, but here is the finished product.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


It's been chaotic around here. Colin with his finals, me starting a new job (I quit Zupas and will be working at Sunflower Farmers Market!) New posts to come I swear. For now here our my Currently's

Current Reads...
My Little Pony Jumbo Coloring Book, W March 2011, Looking For Alaska

Current Clothing...
Current Additions...
Initial Mugs from Anthropologie

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