Friday, July 6, 2012

Rock City

Since Colin and I both get the weekends off we've been able to get some hikes in. (I just have to say the Staples in San Francisco is ssllllooowww, but they close at 7, Saturday's 11-3 and closed Sunday, thank you Financial District) Anyways, our first hike was at Rock City in Mount Diablo State Park with the Wood family. Colin keeps his car in Berkeley so first we had to take BART out there to pick up his car, then we met Becky's family to head up to Rock City. We climbed some small and large boulders, wandered through some trees and hiked up to a look point. From the top of the rock we hiked to you are able to see Livermore county and over 20 more counties from the top. The kids hiked with us the whole way! Jonah kept climbing on everything he could, Isaiah did too but insisted on sliding down all the rocks on his bum, resulting in his jeans getting holes. Analynn kept saying she was too scared to go on the rocks, but half way through she was Merida from the move Brave and was brave enough to jump and climb on the rocks. After the hike we drove up to the Diablo Valley Overlook and took out Colin's binoculars to see all the way to San Francisco Bay!
Isaiah, after the climb to the top of the rock
Jonah & Isaiah
Rock Caves

We had a lot of fun at Mnt Diablo and can't wait for all the other hikes we will get to go on here in California.