Monday, August 22, 2011


I know I said I was going to blog about Illinois soon, but I'm finding it difficult. Most of the people who read my blog I have already told them all about it, or they were there! So, here is a super photo blog of our week in Illinois!!
(our trip started off with heineken's to celebrate my official summer vacation)
It rained the first couple days, but was still so beautiful...
Batavia, Illinois
(hipster H&M Colin)Chicago

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fall Please

So this week is my last week of summer. It's sad that I only had two weeks but luckily my first week was spent in Illinois (Don't worry I'll blog about my trip in the next post). But going around Chicago and doing some shopping really just made me want school to start so I could buy some cute fall clothes. I honestly don't know whats wrong with me. So while I madly workout and get my financial aid in order this last week of summer I thought I'd share some of my fall looks...

Mad Men Collection from Banana Republic
For Him
For Her
All the classy late 50's early 60's apparel for the fall. Mute colours, greys, tweeds and thick fabrics.

All Saint Fall 11
A new look from London, I've really fallen for their unique look.

Steve Alan Fall Collection 2011
Women's Fall
Men's Fall
Wools, cottons, felts, perfect layered clothes for the fall in quality long lasting clothes.

...So basically I need to go shopping for back to school clothes

Monday, August 1, 2011

Finals, Finally

Its finally finals week and all the finals happen to land on this Friday. So I guess it's a nice way to wrap up the semester, knock them all out at once, then hop on a plane to Illinois! After this summer semester will be over, I vow to myself to never take a summer semester again, hopefully I won't have too. Although it was fun having friends in my classes, the work load was x10 and basically took over my summer. So after all my hard work I finally will get a much needed official vacation.

As I was duteously studying today, I looked back on all my past assignments and I found one that I loved the most. Oh community college, where I get to not really care. So here it is, my final presentation for my Communications 1010 class. (luckily we switched teachers a month before the semester was over, so she graded us all very nicely, and she was younger so she didn't really care)...Allow me to give you some back ground information. One, I had to get this done in one night. Two, I was having a hard time coming up with a subject. Three, it revealed itself to me. and four, is was this or something about yoga, which one would you choose!! There is more too it, I had an outline with specific things to say, but this power point presentation went along with it. Without further delay my presentation,

Cat in the New Media...