Friday, March 28, 2008


Today is Friday, another weekend! Hopefully i will do something fun and not just party, getting old! My brothers are in Japan! and i am so jealous! i want to travel somewhere, it would be so much fun! Seriously, jealous. Well i applied to the University of Utah, didn't get in, i guess thats what i get for being stupid in 9th and 10th grade, so i applied to UVU and I'm crossing my fingers. Lindsay and i are going to look for a place close to campus if i get in so that should be fun! we are looking at some places this Saturday and hopefully i get in! Keep ya posted, brothers, cause your the only ones who care, if you even read this....tear

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Its official, new office! but you know the whole cubical thing not so appealing. but here are some pictures if you can't picture the small space on its own.

My new tiny cubicle.yes i got a phone, lindsay is the only person i call though and the only person who calls me.Macho Taco, a new friend at the office