Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Kitchen Appliances

I try to eat and be as healthy as possible. Due to this healthiness, I just finished a week long juice/water cleanse and surprisingly lost 6 lbs afterwards! With the fear of gaining it all back, and wanting to stay and be healthier, I've made the decision to cut certain things out of my diet. Dairy, breads, eggs, basically I'll be doing a vegan/raw diet for the next month. Colin was getting sick of my constant stomach ache complaints after everything I would eat and so was I. It's been a whole week since I've been doing raw/vegan and he hasn't heard any 'ooo's' or 'ouches' from me. My mom has helped make this lifestyle transition a bit easier, with her lending of kitchen appliances. I got to borrow her
and food processor.
This makes life easy, I'll actually be able to make raw and vegan meals. I'm just so excited to be able to eat well again. My stomach thanks me.

Along with these great appliances, my mom lent me a stack of raw and vegan recipe books!
Hello October! You'll be full of yummy recipes and awesome health benefits.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Week In Pictures

Since I've been busy with school and work I obviously haven't had much time to blog. But, since this coming Friday will be my official last day at Sunflower (the two job thing was starting to stifle my school work, which I didn't want), and although I'm picking up more hours at Staples I will now have more time for school work, spending time with people and blogging. Along with this I am going to start a new post called "A Week In Pictures", basically its exactly how it sounds.

1)monday classes at library square. 2)loads of coconut water. 3)school day outfit. 4)copy center pals, hats made by me. 5)late night Sage's Cafe raw ice cream in bed.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Finding My Passion...For Fashion

So it's now my 4th semester at Salt Lake Community College. I just got out of class, History of Fashion and Pilates, at the Library Square campus. While I should be studying for my math test tomorrow I find myself realizing more and more what I want to do with my life. When I first started at SLCC I wanted to major in English, not sure what aspect, perhaps story writing, I wanted to take a lot of imaginative and fiction writing classes (which I still do). Then came my second and summer semester where I realized how much I love eating, being and feeling healthy. I thought nutrition and heath and fitness was my calling. I've taken, Strength & Toning, Yoga, Belly Dancing, and now Pilates classes through SLCC and I've loved every one of them. I honestly can't get enough of exercise, I want to do it all day long. Later when a lady from Vino Wine came into Staples to get her wine booklets made, I so wanted her job. Drinking, tasting and knowing all about wine, how could I not love that job! She obviously did. So I decided I would write for a wine magazine. Right, back to writing. It wasn't until this semester till I finally, knowingly, truly, without a doubt know exactly what I want to do. It came to me through many ways.

One: I've always, always loved fashion. After high school, on a trip out to San Fransisco, my dad took me to meet with advisers at The Art Institute out there. I fell in love with the building right downtown San Fran. I wanted to go there so badly, I wanted to be in the fashion industry. I weighed it out and eventually decided not to go. I honestly can't remember why I didn't pack up and move there right away, but I didn't. Now all I do is spend hours on fashion sites, looking at clothes, shopping, looking at models, etc.

Reason numero dous: My first day in History of Fashion made me realize things. As we all went around the room saying our major and something interesting about ourselves (I hate the first day of classes for that reason), everyone wanted to be a designer, a buyer, a merchandiser, all these things that each other person would be better suited for. I was the only one who said English/writing, writing for a fashion magazine. BING! I know, it should have been obvious, and it was, it just had never occurred to me how much I actually wanted, needed this career path. At the end of class we watched some runway shows and all I could think about what how I would describe what they were wearing, pulling quotes from the interviewees. So after that first day I've come to a solid realization. I need to be part of a fashion magazine. Preferably Vogue...or W...or Lucky...ya we'll see. Either way I can't wait to take more fashion classes, writing classes and of course still workout classes. And eventually intern for a magazine!

P.S. Sorry for the ranting, just need a solid outlet for my epiphany

AND NOW! Some of my favourite images from Models.com

Friday, September 9, 2011

GG Season 5

It's that time of year again where summer is over, school is starting and that means the premiere of Gossip Girl Season 5. On Monday, September 26th (sadly after my pilates class which starts at 7 pm as well) I will be watching the first episode of G.G.. Exciting right? If just the idea of G.G. hasn't thrilled you yet, let this preview for season 5 spark your interest.

If that didn't get you thrilled for this new season of Gossip Girl, well you're out of help from me! Because G.G., in LA?! Does it get more interesting than that?