Monday, October 3, 2011

Fashion Nite Out

Salt Lake City may not be the first place you think of when you hear the words 'designers' or 'fashion' but this city is breaking out and hitting the runway.

Friday the 23rd, The Gallivan Center hosted the 2nd annual Fashion Nite Out. The event helped SLC emerge into the fashion community by showcasing local designers, models, stylists and retailers. With the runway all lit up, V.I.P. section roped off and my official wrist band, Fashion Nite Out almost felt like a NYC couture fashion show. Besides attending my older sister's high school fashion shows, I haven't been to many runway events, so this would be considered my very first 'real' fashion show. After watching videos online of New York's fashion week, behind the scenes and on the runway, everything about this show made me feel like I was Emily, fashion writer. Here to attend on behalf of my prestige fashion magazine, ready to write this month’s article. My dreams felt a bit shattered after I was asked to move from the "reserved seating” comfy chairs to the lovely cement steps behind them. But once the show started I sneakily made my way to the 3rd row, since the seats hadn’t been filled. Settling myself into the comfy chairs, the DJ played and the first show began.

Runway 1: Featuring Krista Nielson, Jordan Halversen and Rachael Domingo, all styled by Aveda Institute and Landis.

Krista Nielson’s designs featured swim wear for 2011, furrs, peacock feathers and other various animal prints. Favourite piece, the peacock umbrella. Along with swim Krista also designs dresses and coats.

Jordan Halversen has a men's and women's line. The men's is classic casual with interesting printed tees. His women's collection is the eye catcher. With his layered, printed, sheer and draping style clothing, any women would look great in his designs.

Rachael Domingo's designs were beautiful. More high fashion more artistic, simply wonderful. The women's dresses were unique but wearable. It caught my eye, and the next time I need a dress, guess where I'll be going.

After the first show there was an interesting little hip hop number. I decided to relieve myself and grab another beverage.

Tempest Couture was amazing. Possibly my favourite collection. Sadly their website is under construction at the moment, but keep checking back for their designs. From their hats and wraps to their heels and boot, the leathery sheer designs reminded me a bit of All Saints.

Mary Jane's is a company in Park City. It looked the part with fur lined vests and poncho jackets. They mainly sell shoes though. I enjoyed their runway much more than their website.

Danny Nappi is actually a store I go into regularly, but haven't bought anything yet. Sadly their downtown store has recently closed but their website is up and running. Known for their jeans, Nappi also has great graphic tees, dresses, hats and underwear.

After OC Tanner I decided to leave. The whole experience just made me want to attend more runway shows. Maybe next time I'll have my name on a seat with my camera in hand ready to write an actual article for a real magazine. And maybe even get a pay check from it all. Oh I can dream can't I? The best part of all this, I had an amazing night, experiencing the fashion in my city and I got extra credit.

What I Wore:

(my sad bathroom pictures)(H&M Dress, Gap Cardigan, BD&G Flats, corner of the pics, Vintage Purse)