Friday, May 30, 2008


Its Friday, and I'm just excited to sleep in tomorrow. Just at work, the usual. I am just bored here kinda working and listening to Alexi Murdoch . I like him with the short hair hes hot, but his long hair not so much. But I do love his music. So I am officially Meaghan's maid of honor!! Seriously was about to cry! Its so exciting that she is getting married! Sure its next July 25th but i seriously can't wait. I have to say a speech and everything so thats kinda scary. And i get to throw her a bachelorete party which is going to...rock. But its kinda sad cause it means we are growing up and i so don't want to! Meaghan dearest is moving to So Cal too so hopefully I'll see her more. Oh here are the dresses Meaghan wants for her bridesmaids, which i totally wouldn't mind wearing cause they are way pretty! Oh my trip to cali, ya it was way fun! Went camping and went to Berkeley and just hung out with my adorable nephews and awesome sister and bro in-law. Here are some pictures of my trip. Seriously miss cali!! Well i have a lot of work to do blahh! loves >_<

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hey, I'm just at work and hella bored. I leave to Cali tomorrow for a quick vaca! YES! Anyway here are some picture things I've done since I've been bored.
I was bored and made a hippie collage.