Monday, October 26, 2009

The Host & Hostess

Jessica Szohr and Ed Westiwick attending LA's Confederacy for artist Todd DiCiurcio's new show Heartstrings sponsored by Rag & Bone. Ed also hosted the event this weekend. Jessica stood out in her beautiful pinstripe suit and chunky chain necklace. You can find the whole story and more pictures here.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Toe Pick

My official winter sport is now ice skating. Yes, although snowboarding should be number one because its my favourite, its also a lot more expensive than ice skating. After my brother sharpened up his new hockey skates and I rented my figure skates we spent our Tuesday night skating around the rink. Although I was a bit shaky at first, my feet quickly remembered the smooth strides of my skates on the ice. So as Ben practices for the UVU hockey try-outs, I will be spending time getting reacquainted with my Canadian roots on the ice.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Back From The Mother Land

No not Russia, but my homeland, Canada! Last week I got to go home and spent Canadian Thanksgiving with my Dad. First I was almost late for my flight, the Delta employee was nice enough to let me still check in and I ran to the gate. After a quick layover in Cincinnati I almost didn't get my flight to Buffalo because my flight was over booked. Luckily the lady at the desk was so nice and got me a ticket, seat A1, right by the cockpit, it was awesome. The whole trip was so much fun, just spending time with my family, seeing my aunts, uncles, cousins and new babies of cousins. The first couple days were spent hanging out with my dad around my aunts house, stopping by Tim Horton's a little too often. But on Wednesday we went to Toronto! It was so much fun. Walked up and down Queen W. street and looked at all the vintage shops. Then walked around Toronto and shopped at the Eaton Centre for a good while. Finally after a long day we drove down town a bit to meet my cousins and have some delicious dinner at The Keg. I had a wonderful Zesty Salmon - a grilled fillet basted with a sweat and mildly spicy sauce. Served with chili mayonnaise and rice pilaf and for dessert, apple crumble and crème brûlée. On Thursday we ventured to Niagara-On-The-Lake walking around all the little shops, grabbing hot chocolate at a cafe, and eating yummy pub style fish and chips at the Angel Inn. The next 2 days were spent with family and finally the long flight home. I also got a lot of fun souvenirs and such! I am missing Canada so much and hope to go back soon!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy World Vegetarian Day

October first is officially World Vegetarian Day and the kick-off of Vegetarian Awareness Month. Make a difference and explore the variety of tasty and healthy meat-free foods and informing others about the vegetarianism benefits. Help create a better world with the vegetarian diet. They have proven health benefits, saves animals and helps preserve the earth. And for those who are meat eaters why not try a meat-free diet for 24 hours? Just to see that it can be done. Well once again I want to wish everyone, vegetarian or not, a Happy World Vegetarian Day!