Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Graduating From Kindergarten

Since I am now in the Bay Area, I get to be close to The Wood Family. And attend the events I wasn't able to in Utah. 
Isaiah & Mrs. Helms

Savannah & Isaiah
A couple weeks ago I got to be at my nephew Isaiah's kindergarten graduation. He's a goof in the class and all his classmates and his teacher just love him. After the graduates walked in hand in hand, they sang a song about going to 1st Grade and then his teacher handed out their Kindergarten Diplomas. 
Isaiah, four Cliffords & a Monkey
Afterwards there were cookies and Caprisuns for refreshments. Isaiah had four cookies and kept asking for more. He finally settled on taking one home in his backpack to eat later. Isaiah cried before we left because he's going to miss his teacher and school so much. But he'll realize its summer and how fun it can be! 
Congratulation Isaiah Wood!

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Meaghan said...

GO ISAIAH! I love that you are there to document this stuff because Becky never does. Isaiah is growing up to fast!