Monday, February 27, 2012


It's been a rough long couple weeks. I've literally been trying to blog for awhile now but my lovely stupid computer is dying on me. Anytime I do anything it doesn't like, i.e. playing videos, uploading photos or even a website that has too much flash, it poops out on me. Leaving me with a solid black screen. I try hard not to throw it at anything solid, my couch is acceptable. So I now decided just to use Colin's old Mac. Other than a dying computer all I have to show for these weeks is writing a Volcano paper and some retail therapy. Also I've started doing p90x, I know it sounds extreme right. But I finished two weeks and cannot wait to keep this awesome routine going. Along with recent purchases, I bought my ticket to Canada and I'm leaving March 15-22! Next planned trip will be to California to see Becky and her family. But for now I have to focus on the next few months to get through my classes and make as much Nut n' Bolts as I can.

New Watch, to tell time New Ring, with 8-legs
Book Reading, with Bond, James Bond
Working Out, with Tony Horton
Nut n' Bolts, ruining my P90X Progress


Stacylyn said...

I pretend Tony is my personal trainer.

Gab Mesina said...

P90X. I hate it but I love it