Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ode To The Hobbit

My brother posted the official trailer for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and I seriously cannot wait a year. If anyone achieves time travel before December 2012, let me know. I had to write a post specifically for this trailer because the book holds a dear place in my heart. Here is a quick leap into Emily's 6th grade past.

In grade six I had Mr. Soto as a teacher, and I can easily say he was the best teacher at Northridge Elementary. Not only did he hold puppet shows in his class room, taught us all about Egypt (this section really got me interested in Egyptian history), on cold recess days he would turn on his tv with an image of a fireplace and let us make hot chocolate. One of my favourite things we did as a class was read The Hobbit. All of us in our desks listening to a tape of The Hobbit. Back then I imagined this book a bit differently, but what I love is I can distinctly remember exactly how I imagined Bagend. It wasn't as luxurious as it really is, my version was just a hole in a green hill with a big tree on it. I also imagined Gandolf much younger. Besides all the fun memories what I enjoyed most was the fact that this class, and reading this book, made me really start to love reading. I know my mom and dad would read to my sister and I at night, and we'd always go to the library for book, but The Hobbit made me want to read, and imagine new worlds and be apart of different stories. So thanks J.R.R. Tolkien for writing awesome books, and Mr. Soto for incorporating such a great story into your classroom! Well now that my little story has come to an end so shall the epicness that is The Lord of The Rings, here it is!! The Hobbit Trailer!!!!!!

Ok now I want to go watch The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Extended Versions. With a ton of caffeine.


Kaitlin McKinlay said...

Yes yes yes!! We've been watching the extended version this whole break so far! We lovski it!

the lye's said...

I can't tell you how excited my husband is for this to come out.. kinda close to how excited I am for The Hunger Games

Jo said...

Emily! I lost my blogroll forever ago and never added you back on it! I have some catching up to do. Also I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE HOBBIT. I want to cry.